Test link in gnome.org server ?

    I evaluated few test case repository and found
http://testlink.sf.net is more useful. I requested
http://go-evolution.org maintainers to host it there... But they have
suggested me, to host in gnome.org, if the gnome.org admins allow you ?
So, I thought of asking here in this list :) I have also uploaded around
2000 test-cases based on Evolution 2.4 in
http://go-evolution.org/Test_cases. Those test-cases are currently
maintained in our local testlink server. I want it to be part of
community, instead of just having it locally. If there are some better
test-case repository, please suggest me, let me evaluate them and get
back to you.


Nagappan A <anagappan novell com>
Linux Desktop Testing Project - http://gnomebangalore.org/ldtp

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