Re: Vincent Untz and the "users that like to hate people"

On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 10:44 PM, Adam Tauno Williams
<awilliam whitemice org> wrote:
Java applications are packaged in MSIs, DEBs, and RPMs just like
everything else.  Those packages include a variety of 'support' files.
"Users" do not use JAR files, they use applications that are installed.

There is no DEB, RPM for Minecraft.
Well, let's blame the vendor.

Anyway, I don't consider install random DEB, RPM something good to
have, also generally no root access in public computers.

You'd debug it!  But that is *NOT* the task of the Desktop Environment.
GNOME does nothing to *get in the way of* you debugging a piece of
non-functional hardware.  Supporting hardware is not GNOME's task.

... I don't know how to say that any clearer.

It's just about identifying the chip.
Well, if you think "lscpi" inside Terminal has better UX...

Yes, I did.  And I'm right.  Running it multiple times is going to tell
you what?  cut-n-paste the output into gedit, Tomboy, bijiben,
whatever...  gather and organize all the information you need to debug
something.  That is how GOOD debugging is done.

You made my day.

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