Re: Vincent Untz and the "users that like to hate people"

On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 9:00 PM, Adam  Tauno Williams
<awilliam whitemice org> wrote:
If it does not package a XDG .desktop file - there is a bug.  I don't
much care which application it is;  that doesn't change the argument.

Well, you don't care a computer game, I care.

Are you distributing software?  End users have a way to do this -
bookmarks.  If you want to package and design - you are a developer.

And here is how web launchers work -

Not related.

Yeah, and that isn't a real systems administation tool;  otherwise they
wouldn't have invented PowerShell [which is a really impressive tool

Well, well, you can be a fan of PowerShell and I can be fan of Device Manager.
In old good days we still build PCs with discrete components.

"it is only used in SUSE related distros"  is not true.  Yast is a
project of its own.  And I'd assume every decent distribution packages
something for that purpose;  if it doesn't that has nothing to do with

[Aside: "Ubuntu, a LINUX distribution for people who like to complain
about how LINUX is broken, because Ubuntu breaks everything."]

Well, it's better to use distros that don't even give long term
releases to community?
CentOS 6 is no longer a option given Google Chrome support is gone,
not to mention other applications.

Sure, but the list doesn't allow attachments.

There are image pastebin out there.

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