Re: Vincent Untz and the "users that like to hate people"

On Sat, 2013-02-16 at 07:43 +0000, Harry Kashouli wrote:
This guy is an example of someone who should shut up, listen to his
users, and never ever try championing his cause until he decides to
get off his ego.

Pot, kettle?  Congrats on being such a positive voice.

There are a myriad of user comments ever since Gnome 3 came out, and
even during its alpha/beta phases. Hell, I myself also had concerns
during the beta, but I liked the original ideas. But then Gnome
developers started removing feature after feature.

As a developer [not of GNOME]... this is how development is done.  And
many features have come back [GOA, and a variety of other services...].
This is how development works;  you have limited resources, so you need
to limit your scope.

Instead, he dismisses all the comments/feedback by saying that "these
people just like to hate the world", 

Having been on the Internet from the '80s and in Open Source since the
LINUX kernel was pre-1.... HE IS RIGHT!   The drive-by nattering is
incessant; who cares, tune them out.  There are ways to influence a
project, ... those ways take work.   If someone comments on my BLOG, and
disappears, yeah, I don't care.  That is simply healthy.  If you submit
a patch to one of my projects - then I love you can care allot.

Gnome 3 is not the best desktop, 

Using it right now, seems pretty amazing.  AND yes I'm using it on
multiple large displays, not a "tablet".  Slick, stable, fast, and

and it is not the worst desktop.


 What it is, is a desktop and group of people that refuse to see
potential improvements to a product that could blow everything else
out of the water.

Every version is clearly improved over the previous one.  GNOME 3.6 was
a real milestone.  The extension system is amazing.

 Instead, they focused from he start to the tablet fad, 

BULL BULL BULL BULL BULL BULL BULL BULL $&#&#$#.  This is a tired and
exhausted meme.  GNOME 3 is meant to work on tablets I suppose - NOTHING
WHAT SO EVER limits its practicality in other work environments.   There
are [yes, it is true!] some memes that carry over from the mobile/tablet
space to the desktop.  But there is nothing that limits GNOMEs use on a

I reject this notion of GNOME-is-for-tables utterly and completely.
Anyone who says this, simply, has not used GNOME.  They are drive-bying
and I dismiss their argument.

and now that the desktop is not dead,

Nope, the desktop is alive and well.

 they shot themselves in the foot. They constantly remove features and
claim that users can add them back by editing files.

Really??? What / where?  I have not edited any files to configure my
desktop in YEARS.  I would consider that epic-fail.

 Had they simply minimalised the initial experience, and
enabled/disabled said options via the GUI, no one would have cared

Eh?  Sounds like what they did to me.

Apparently, as he says, they could not put all the options in the UI,
because "it would be impossible". 

I agree with him - massive configuration panes are awful.

Well, then the KDE developers must be gods; they seem to manage it.

And it is a mess.  You should go use KDE and be happy there

And then he says that he works at SUSE; the Linux distribution/company
that has embraced KDE almost more than any other for a very long time.

Oh, whatever.  I work for a forklift maintenance company, so?

Vincent Untz, the man almost as insane as certain kernel developers
that force their personal beliefs. You are a bully of the worst kind.

Bullying through contribution,  I recommend you try it.

 You force your opinion on people's daily experiences with their

Actually, the choose to install it.

instead of allowing them to choose their way. 

They choose what to install.

Gnome 3 was not ready,

BULL.  Then how is it that I use it 50+ hours a day?

 just like KDE4 was not ready,

I don't know or care about KDE, so can't comment.  I like to stick to
things I know about.

Adam Tauno Williams  GPG D95ED383
Systems Administrator, Python Developer, LPI / NCLA

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