Re: Vincent Untz and the "users that like to hate people"

On Mon, 2013-02-18 at 12:24 +0800, Ma Xiaojun wrote:
Well, GNOME fans, can you answer me a simple question:
Does using GNOME require skills like text file editing and/or command line?
If your answer is Yes, you are all set :)
If your answer is No, let's see some other questions.
Q: How to create a launcher?
A: No, you won't need this feature.

CORRECT!  And you haven't provided any evidence that I am wrong.

AND even if you do for some reason continue to need to the this a GUI
application was already pointed out "alacarte".

Q: What if I use multiple version of Firefox and each of them has
different profile?

If you launch Firefox once with the "-ProfileManager" option and create
multiple profiles then it will ask you what profile you want every time
you launch it ever after.

Q: What if I need to launch a JAR application?

If you need to launch an application then you create a launcher.  That
is a total of *once*.  And this is not an end-user activity.   Second
step, since you are a developer, is to file a bug with the application's
maintainers to include an XDG .desktop file in the package; attach the
one you created to the bug report.

Q: What if I need to open a website?

"open a website"?  That is what browser's are for.

Q: How to check detailed hardware information of my machine?

This has nothing to do with a desktop environment.  You have Yast, GNOME
System Monitor, and "Details" under control panel.  Probably there are
other applications as well.  But System Adminsitration is always going
to be a Command LIne thing; that is my Microsoft created PowerShell.

So, I think I covered all your questions.

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