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  • Archived modules, Olav Vitters
  • GNOME 2010 Q4 Report, Christer Edwards
  • Upgraded mailman to 2.1.14, Olav Vitters
  • blogs.gnome.org migration, Christer Edwards
  • [Bug 609717] Move blogs.gnome.org to its own server or VM, sysadmin
  • [Bug 640546] Use cron jobs to automatically process Piwik stats, sysadmin
  • [Bug 640479] New: Please update Request Tracker to latest release, sysadmin
  • [Bug 634461] e-mail alias for Outreach Program for Women interns, sysadmin
  • [Bug 640154] New: pygtksourceview module seems to have been archived?, sysadmin
  • [Bug 640101] New: Connection problems with git.gnome.org, sysadmin
  • [Bug 639439] New: Change glade->glade_legacy and glade3->glade, sysadmin
  • more nagios work, Christer Edwards
  • [Bug 639183] New: Single mailing list for frogr, sysadmin
  • monitoring updates, Christer Edwards
  • [Bug 639148] New: Request to host new project: frogr, sysadmin
  • [Bug 639147] New: Please remove a private mail posted to the gnome-color-manager mailing list, sysadmin
  • [Bug 639143] New: New list request: orca-es-list, sysadmin
  • [Bug 580751] gstreamermm-plugins-good stuff appears under gstreamermm's trunk branch in git, sysadmin
  • Fwd: [support.osuosl.org #16058] torrent.gnome.org down, Christer Edwards
  • Re: Piwik Newsletter #2 - Piwik 1.1 critical release, and new Piwik Mobile client!, Christer Edwards
  • [Bug 638726] New: shell-perf.gnome.org is down, sysadmin
  • [Bug 638702] New: anjuta and anjuta-extras not in Mango's GNOME module vouchers list, sysadmin
  • [Bug 617653] Plone instance needs a way to auto-start on boot, sysadmin
  • [Bug 594647] KeepAlive Off + mod_ssl on bugzilla.gnome.org, sysadmin
  • Re: Sysadmin Hackfest - SCALE 9x, Christer Edwards
  • [Bug 628292] Setup HTTP Strict Transport Security (connect directly to https), sysadmin

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