Team -

After quite a bit of research and a lot of local testing I think I'm
ready to migrate from the 2.9.2 WPMU installation to a
3.0.4 WP "network" installation. My question is: where should we put

There is a ticket open from pcutler to create a blogs.g.o VM. This is
possible, but I don't think it fits with the virtualization plan we

As I understand it we were going to have dedicated virtual machines
for the critical web services such as bugzilla and the wiki, and most
other web services would be spread out on shared servers as vhosts. If
we do create a VM for blogs.g.o we will allocate our last IP address
and we'll need to request more.

If we don't give blogs.g.o its own virtual machine, should I put it on
the new wiki VM which is built on RHEL6? I only allotted 10G to the VM
itself. Is that enough space? Do we plan on serving the content from
an NFS share?

Let me know your thoughts. The wiki VM is brand new; if it needs more
disk space we can rebuild it without much loss.


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