Upgraded mailman to 2.1.14


    - Two potential XSS vulnerabilities have been identified and fixed.

  New Features

    - A new feature for controlling the addition/replacement of the Sender:
      header in outgoing mail has been implemented.  This allows a list owner
      to set include_sender_header on the list's General Options page in the
      admin GUI.  The default for this setting is Yes which preserves the prior
      behavior of removing any pre-existing Sender: and setting it to the
      list's -bounces address.  Setting this to No stops Mailman from adding or
      modifying the Sender: at all.

      Additionally, there is a new Defaults.py/mm_cfg.py setting
      ALLOW_SENDER_OVERRIDES which defaults to Yes but which can be set to No
      to remove the include_sender_header setting from General Options, and
      thus preserve the prior behavior completely.

    - Bounce processing has been enhanced so that if a bounce is returned to a
      list from a non-member who is a member of a regular_include_list, the
      bounce will be processed as a bounce for the included list.


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