Re: [ #16058] down

On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 12:24 PM, Jeff Schroeder
<jeffschroeder computer org> wrote:
> Most of our users get GNOME from their distributions. Users don't
> generally play with jhbuild unless they are more advanced or
> developers (someone correct me if this is wrong). I never saw the
> utility of a dedicated gnome torrent. Just my 2c.
> If it isn't actually used, lets axe it.

I agree that it wasn't much use for what it was previously provisioned
for, but can we use it for something else? If we can rebuild it for
something else, why not take advantage of access to a machine? Maybe a
mirror of some static web content (round-robin DNS managed perhaps),
or another build server, or..

I just don't know how I feel about axing a machine at the same time
that we're trying to buy a new one (granted the two aren't comparable
in hardware, it's still a machine..)


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