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--- Comment #5 from Mario Sánchez Prada <msanchez igalia com> 2011-01-10 20:02:00 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> Mario -
> We did a little bit of digging and pulled the account request out of the
> pending queue (looks like it got overlooked and just got stuck in limbo). In
> any case, your account has been approved and created. You should see your git
> access active within an hour.

Wow.. That was fast!

Thanks a lot for your help, and please accept my apologies in case the cause my
previous attempt fell in limbo was my fault :-)

I'll re-read the documentation once again and will try the account as soon as

About the mailing list, to be honest the two Google groups I set up in the past
have never had much traffic but perhaps this is the right moment to create a
single frogr-list mailing list under gnome.org (instead of two -users and
-devel ML's, as I have in GG) and get rid as well of Google code in that regard
(unless you tell me that there's no point on such a thing and that it would be
better to keep it as it is now, in GG, of course).

What I'd be really interested in, however, would be in having a component in
bugzilla for frogr, because I do use GC "issues" and do not like it that much.
I'll file a new bug for that as soon as I finish the other steps.

Thanks again,

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