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  • Translation update needed for GCompris 7.2, Bruno Coudoin
  • Need string freeze break, Bastien Nocera
  • cvs-po-commit list broken yet again, Alexander Shopov
  • Spam: New project to translate : Nautilus-actions, Frederic RUAUDEL
  • Best practices of translating documentation, Alexander Shopov
  • baobab, Fabio Marzocca
  • New project to translate : Nautilus-actions, Frederic Ruaudel
  • ATK branched, new API added to HEAD, Bill Haneman
  • gnome-vfs translation status, Ales Nyakhaychyk
  • I need some help here, Арангел Ангов
  • Re: yelp not picking ne locale from omf file, Shaun McCance
  • mozilla ctl and yelp, Paras pradhan
  • Guikachu is string-frozen for 2.0, Dr. ERDI Gergo
  • libwnck branched for 2.12, Vincent Untz
  • gtksourceview branched, Paolo Borelli
  • Upcoming Rhythmbox release, James Livingston
  • atomix, Guilherme de S. Pastore
  • yelp rendering problem, Pawan Chitrakar
  • Re: Try the proposed modules!, Christian Rose
  • banshee translation?, dejot
  • GCompris release 7.1 needs translation updates, Bruno Coudoin
  • New Tajik Gnome Translation Team, Roger Kovacs
  • GNOME Localisation page (+award), Simos Xenitellis
  • GNOME Power Manager Major Release, Richard Hughes
  • baobab merged treemap branch, Fabio Marzocca
  • what is the encoding of returned string of gnome_file_entry_get_full_path()?, yandong.yao
  • libgnomeprintui string freeze breakages, Christian Rose
  • baobab new branch, Fabio Marzocca
  • gnome-applets-locations broken on l10n-status, Roozbeh Pournader
  • Totem branched, Ronald S. Bultje
  • gnome-session branched for 2.12, Vincent Untz
  • c-format re-ordering, Albert Fazlí
  • Gnome l10n issues in Rosetta, Aiet Kolkhi

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