libgnomeprintui string freeze breakages

There has recently been a large number of commits in the string frozen
libgnomeprintui HEAD module. At least 15 strings have been added or
changed, and all of the commits appears to have been done by the same

An example of the relevant ChangeLogs:

2005-10-31  Lutz Mueller <lutz topfrose de>

        * libgnomeprintui/gnome-print-copies.c: New property: Filter.
        * libgnomeprintui/gnome-print-page-selector.c: Same here.
        * libgnomeprintui/gnome-print-layout-selector: Clip pages.
        * libgnomeprintui/gnome-print-dialog.c: Hook up the new layout selector.
        * libgnomeprintui/gnome-print-paper-selector.c: Comment out the layout
        selector. We've now got a more powerful one on the 'job'-page.

>From my understanding of the description, it's possible that these
commits have not only been affecting the string freeze but also the UI
freeze and feature freeze for GNOME 2.12.

However, going back to the string freeze, please either:
1) revert thhe string changes and string additions from CVS HEAD as
soon as possible
or, alternatively,
2) create a string frozen and stable "gnome-2-12" branch without those
changes, and let gnome-i18n gnome org, release-team gnome org and
gnome-doc-list gnome org know about the new stable branch.


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