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  • ANNOUNCE: GOB (GTK+ object builder) 1.0.2 released, George
  • Release of libxml2-2.1.1, Daniel Veillard
  • ANNOUNCE: libole2-0.1.6, Arturo Tena
  • Release of libxml-1.8.8 and libxml2-2.1.0, Daniel Veillard
  • ANNOUNCE: gnome-find v0.6 released, Andy Kahn
  • Gnome Libs 1.2.4 is out., Miguel de Icaza
  • ANNOUNCE: CodeCommander v0.8, Chris Phelps
  • ANNOUNCE: CodeCommander 0.7.2, Chris Phelps
  • libole2-0.1.5, Michael Meeks
  • ANNOUNCE: CodeCommander v0.7.1, Chris Phelps
  • ANNOUNCE: CodeCommander v0.7, Chris Phelps
  • Gnome Libs 1.2.22 is out., Miguel de Icaza
  • Gnumeric 0.56 released, Jody Goldberg
  • ANNOUNCE: gnome-find v0.5 released, Andy Kahn
  • xmms-status-plugin 0.2, Ian Campbell
  • grdb-0.2.2, shunter
  • gb 0.0.12 released, Michael Meeks
  • Gnome (helixcode) RH6.2/AXP binary RPMS, Herbert Valerio Riedel
  • grdb 0.2.1 tarball available, shunter
  • gAgenda, Fabian Frederick
  • ANNOUNCE gedit 0.7.9 release, Chema Celorio
  • grdb 0.2.0 available, shunter
  • New italian web site, Christopher R . Gabriel
  • ANNOUNCE: GOB (GTK+ object builder) 1.0.1 released, George
  • Glade-- 0.5.9 available, Christof Petig
  • Announce: GNOME panel applets article from BeOpen, Clyde Zellers
  • ANNOUNCE: gnome-find v0.4 released, Andy Kahn
  • Evolution 0.1 is out., Miguel de Icaza
  • GtkHTML 0.4, lewing
  • guile-gtk 0.18 Released, Ariel Rios
  • GNOME Summary May 8-30 2000, Havoc Pennington
  • (no subject), Patrick Roberts
  • Bonobo 0.15 is out., Miguel de Icaza

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