grdb 0.2.0 available

Hello everybody.

Grdb 0.2.0 is available. This version includes a control center capplet
that lets you enable/disable grdb thru the gui. You can also pick which
fixed font you want to use (which is important because gtk themes, as
picked thru the theme-selector, don't specify this).

If you're not sure what grdb is, take a look at the homepage

In a nutshell, it applies the colors and fonts from your gtk theme to
Xt/motif/TclTk applications.

If you're using grdb already and want to use the capplet, you should
remove whatever method you've manually added to get grdb running. The
capplet should take care of this thru gnome's session management.

You can download grdb tarballs and rpms from

Feedback is welcomed.

Sam Hunter <>

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