ANNOUNCE: gnome-find v0.5 released

gnome-find v0.5 has been released.

gnome-find is an easy-to-use, but powerful, graphical version of the
GNU "find" utility.
It is not just a front-end which forks and execs "find", nor is it a
utility that reinvents the wheel by rewriting the "find" utility
itself.  Instead, the original source code to the GNU "find" utility
(findutils-4.1) was used, and a GUI component integrated into it.

The major highlights of this release include:
- Searching for filenames using regular expressions (-regex and
- Handles "~" for home directories. 
- File archiving commands on search results. 
- Support for searching on specific file system types (-fstype). 
- Tearoff menus. 
- Searching for files containing a specific string of text. 
- Manually entering and executing a search command. 
- Preference settings for temporary directory and shell. 
- Executing a specified shell command on search results. 
- HTML documentation, GNOME help, and user manual. 

You can download this release using the following links:

	Source code - gzip'd tar:

	Source code - RedHat 6.x RPM

	Precompiled x86 Binary - RedHat 6.x RPM

gnome-find's homepage can be found at:

We're getting pretty close to a final 1.0 release, so test out this
version thoroughly!

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