guile-gtk 0.18 Released

(Hello happy schemers,

(Due to popular demand, the most functional and beautiful  guile-gtk version 0.18 
is now available for your lambda downloading pleasure.) 

(Guile-gtk provides glue code to make Gtk accessible from Guile so it provides
a convenient interface for Scheme programmers to develop visual
applications. (It can optionally integrate with GNOME via the Gnome-guile

(Guile-gtk is free software licensed under the GPL.)

(Guile-gtk was started by Marius Vollmer <> and is
currently mantained by Ariel Rios <> and other intrepid Guile
hackers around the world.)

(New in this version:
* Guile-gtk now calls gtk_set_locale during initialization.

* Support for type conversions with composites due to libltdl support from libguile.

* Lots of improvements with the build-guile-gtk script. 

* Functions for getting the Gtk+ and guile-gtk version.

* Lots of additions and corrections to the *.defs files.

* The usual, uncountable number of minor and major bug fixes.

* Please note that this version only supports Gtk+1.2.x.)



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(The following people contributed to this release of guile-gtk:
Ariel Rios      	<>
Marius Vollmer  	<>
Martin Baulig  		<>  
Miroslav Silovic  	<>
Mikael Djurfeldt        <>
Alexandre Muniz         <>))


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