ANNOUNCE: CodeCommander 0.7.2

General Information:
CodeCommander is a minimal programming IDE that can be used for many
different programming languages, including: C/C++, Perl, PHP, z80
assembly, Manpages, etc.
The purpose of this project is to make things easy on the programmer, so
if you find something that could use some work, let me know!



ChangeLog entries:
Sat Jun 24 09:02:14 AM PDT 2000 Chris Phelps <>
Fixed 2 bugs with syntax highlighting settings. One with changing settings, and one with opening sessions.

Fri Jun 23 10:24:01 PM PDT 2000 Chris Phelps <>
Set combo to not popdown on activate, and hooked activer to goto directory.

Fri Jun 23 10:22:12 PM PDT 2000 Chris Phelps <>
Fixed all *.lang files *again* I dont know what I was smokin when I changed that...
Anyway, you can have the scripting tags and such, but the xml stuff is there too.

Fri Jun 23 08:13:37 PM PDT 2000 Chris Phelps <>
Remove 5 pixel border around main window.

Fri Jun 23 07:41:22 PM PDT 2000 Chris Phelps <>
Build system improvements:
Remove Build submenu from popup menu.
Add bindings to add entries to Build menu.
Add code to hide other build entries if they have no rule associated.

Fri Jun 23 07:09:09 PM PDT 2000 Chris Phelps <>
Fixed bug with reverting a read only file (you shouldnt need to to it, so now it doesn't.

Fri Jun 23 07:03:12 PM PDT 2000 Chris Phelps <>
Fixed bugs with being able to insert/pseudo-remove text into a read-only buffer...I forgot to check for editability in my key-press hooks.

Fri Jun 23 08:19:54 AM PDT 2000 Chris Phelps <>
Late last night I decided that taking out the xml-style language defs was a bad idea...having to do the same thing for both python and guile is dumb, so I just re-implemented the old code and then merged int he new stuff as well, so one can use both.

ICQ: 14727618
Use CodeCommander for all of your GNOME coding needs.
./configure --prefix=/dev/mocha --enable-caffein --enable-double-shot

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