grdb 0.2.1 tarball available

Hello again.

The new capplet in grdb 0.2.0 had a crash inducing bug that would
trigger if you opened the font selection dialog and clicked OK without
selecting a font.

I've placed grdb-0.2.1.tar.gz in the usual directory.

RPMs should appear soon, at which point I'll update the home page.

You might need to remove ~/.gnome/grdb-capplet if the crash still occurs
with this version. Alternatively, when you open the font selection
dialog, select a font, hit OK to close the dialog, and then OK in the
capplet to make sure a valid font gets saved into the config file.

0.2.1 also adds a nice pyramid icon for the "Legacy Applications" capplet,
thanks to the creative Christian Schaller.

Thanks to everyone who has sent postive feedback.

Sam <>

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