GNOME Summary May 8-30 2000

This is the GNOME Summary for May 8-30, 2000.

  Table of Contents

 1)  GNOME 1.2 Released!
 2)  Development Tutorials
 3)  Software release highlights
 4)  Developer interviews
 5)  Libart and Librsvg SVG renderer
 6)  GtkMozEmbed
 7)  RHAD Labs Update
 8)  Evolution Updates
 9)  Hacking Activity
 10)  New and Updated Software


 1)  GNOME 1.2 Released!


As you've no doubt heard, the latest version of GNOME is
available. This one doesn't change the development environment much,
but it's quite a bit nicer from an end user standpoint. Here's the
Gnotices article about it:

An article about the new stuff on LinuxPower:

Another on LinuxPlanet:

Our new, improved user website:

Congratulations to all the developers who worked on this release; of
course Jacob Berkman was the mastermind, and deserves much of the
credit for all the snazzy new stuff. Send him your thanks and


 2)  Development Tutorials


Some articles on developing with GNOME -

GNOME Python intro:

Writing panel applets:


 3)  Software release highlights


gnome-db (database API and widgets):

New glib/GTK bugfix releases:


Dr Genius:


GTK/XEmacs beta: 


 4)  Developer interviews


The new web site has some interesting developer interviews:


 5)  Libart and Librsvg SVG renderer


An update from Raph:

 Librsvg saw some commits this week, adding gradients. Librsvg is a
 library currently living inside the Nautilus codebase for batch
 rendering of SVG files. It derives its SVG support from the Gill
 codebase, but with these latest commits passes Gill in functionality.
 There may be other interesting applications for Librsvg, for example
 to dynamically generate web graphics.

 Libart had some corresponding commits, including a new modular
 rendering architecture for arbitrary mixing of image sources and mask
 sources, and gradients implemented within this architecture.


 6)  GtkMozEmbed


Chris did some documentation on his new Mozilla widget; you can read
about it here:

The widget will be in M16, whenever that comes out. Soon.


 7)  RHAD Labs Update


RHAD Labs has shifted focus a bit. For a long time we were doing much
of the GNOME user environment work, fixing bugs, making packages, and
maintaining code. However Helix and Eazel have stepped up with far
greater resources and expertise in this area than we have. So we've 
shifted our efforts to focus on libraries and development tools.

Details on specific people's current projects:

 - Owen and Tim are doing GTK 1.4
 - Elliot is doing framebuffer support for GTK 1.4
 - I'm doing C++ stuff:
 - Jonathan is writing a new list/tree widget for GTK 1.4
 - Chris Blizzard is doing Mozilla, including GtkMozEmbed

We're also continuing to maintain certain packages, such as ORBit,
OAF, control center, and GConf.

Dave Mason is now the Labs manager, so he's announced plans to hand
the GNOME Documentation Project Leader position to someone else (he'll
still work on GDP, he just doesn't have time to be the leader while
also managing).


 8)  Evolution Updates


In addition to these updates, Jacob reports that virtual folders are
working (basically you can have a folder of "all mail from Joe" and
"all mail about X" and the two folders can virtually contain some of
the same messages).

May 15:

 It's been a busy week for the Evolution team. The alpha 0.0 release brought
 a slew of improvements, from the slaying of calendar bugs and libcamel bugs
 to various user interface cleanups.

 The best way to see our progress, however, is to run Evolution itself; the
 alpha preview is available:

 For those willing to brave the cvs version of Evolution, you'll find even
 more goodies; tree control navigation, category support in the addressbook,
 and better resizeability in the table views are all available in the current
 cvs version of Evolution.

 Finally, we now have an Evolution hackers mailing list; for those
 interested in participating in development, this is the list for you:

May 22:

 Another week forward for the Evolution team! My favorite new feature is the
 filter druid (from Tools->Filter Druid), courtesy of Michael Zucchi. Other
 new features include, but are not limited to...

 * In the addressbook, lots of memory leaks were found and squashed, and the
 ETable view is less flickery. Arbitrary field support via glade is now also
 working (clahey).

 * Work on the calendar was mostly under the hood, including work on
 recurrence rules and keyboard navigation (damon).

 * The Evolution book, written by Aaron Weber, has also been checked in
 (under doc/C). Over 30 pages, and lookin' good!

 If the gods are with us, we might even see virtual folders by the end of the


 9)  Hacking Activity


Module Score-O-Matic:
 (number of CVS commits per module, since the last summary)

 466 nautilus
 318 evolution
 231 gnome-core
 198 gnumeric
 179 control-center
 155 gnomeweb-wml
 136 gimp
 120 gnome-i18n
 115 gnome-utils
 115 gnome-db
 104 gnomeicu
  96 gnome-applets
  89 gnome-games
  85 balsa
  73 gnome-libs
  71 gnome-media
  69 gtk+
  63 gtranslator
  57 gnome-vfs
  50 mc
  45 bug-buddy
  44 bonobo
  39 gtkhtml
  37 dia
  37 achtung
  36 pan
  36 dr-genius
  34 gedit
  33 ggv

User Score-O-Matic:
 (number of CVS commits per user, since the last summary)

 251 kmaraas
 247 pablo
 232 kenneth
 203 darin
 179 ahyden
 140 frob
 129 joakim
 102 jody
  94 jirka
  84 ke
  83 clahey
  82 ettore
  72 kabalak
  68 jesusb
  66 rodrigo
  63 danw
  59 eskil
  51 neo
  48 rasta
  48 nethunter
  45 mmeeks
  43 martin
  42 bansz
  42 arios
  41 andy
  40 sullivan
  39 ramiro
  39 owen
  38 pepper
  38 miguel
  37 timj
  37 nakai


 10)  New and Updated Software


Software since the last summary.

MMC - yet another mail client
FireStarter - firewall configuration
Finder - finder bar as in MacOS
Pybliographer - bibliographic database tool
gtk-- - C++ wrapper for GTK+
gimp - Powerful all-doing image editor
gnome-napster - napster client
Tenes Empanadas Graciela - game
ToutDoux - project manager
MemoPanel - put memos in the GNOME panel 
gnomerar - frontend for rar archiver
Grin - another mail/news client
Gnucash - personal finance app
grio_applet - for Diamond Rio MP3 player
remotehost_applet - administer remote hosts
gbox_applet - monitor mbox files
gPhoto - digital camera app
BEAST/BSE - sound synthesis
Gote - vector font editor
gnome-db - database access for GNOME apps
gmessage+ - clone of xmessage
MySQL Navigator - browse MySQL databases
GNOME stock ticker - see stock prices
The Gernel - Linux kernel configuration
RadioActive - radio tuner interface
gnome-find - "find" utility
GnewsAlert - alerts you to new news from news-related websites
GSwitchIt - Xkb state indicator for the panel
Gnumeric - advanced spreadsheet
Balsa - email client for GNOME
Dr Geo - interactive geometry
Dr Genius - general math tool 
gnome-guile - Guile bindings for GTK/GNOME
Galway - GNOME web editor
Oregano - circuit design tool
Arianne RPG - online roleplaying game
GnomePM - portfolio manager
giq - command line queue
gno3dtet - 3D tetris
Gnome Toaster - CD creation suite
Sarah - file manager
ScrudgeWare - Linux distribution
sawfish - GNOME-friendly window manager
RP3 - PPP config tool
gASQL - database frontend
Pan - usenet client
Overflow - "data flow oriented" programming tool
Organic - create organic-looking animatable meshes
gLife - game of life
PyBiff - mail checker
gnotepad+ - simple HTML/text editor
GNOME CD Master - CD mastering app
Loci Project - genome informatics "collaboratory"
MixMagic - hard drive sound mixer
gIDE - integrated development environment
Bluefish - programmer's HTML editor
GNOME ReadNews - usenet client
ggv - PostScript viewer
Code Commander - all-purpose editor
GHex - binary file editor
Glade-- - extension to Glade for gtk--
GNOME WebAds - maintain ad banners
CTWMg - GNOME patches for CTWM
GeneGnome - Graphical Enzyme Networking Environment for GNOME
UNFAIR - strategy game
Jungle Monkey - distributed file sharing
seti_applet - SETI@Home
gnome-socket - sockets library
pavuk - recursive WWW grabber
Encompass - web browser
Screem - web site creation suite
TryPeaks - solitaire
GnomeICU - ICQ client

See the software map on (or Freshmeat) for more
information about any of these packages.


Until next time - 


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