Glade-- 0.5.9 available

A new Version of the glade (Gtk GUI builder) to C++ converter is
available at
and at your favorite gnomecvs mirror.

Version 0.5.9
- another brown paperbag bug (0.5.7d didn't generate compilable code)
- bumped version number since glade-0.5.9 had been released.
- another dialog issue - is it working now?

Version 0.5.7d
- brown paperbag bug (WidgetMap.hh missing in distribution) fixed
- dialogs were broken again (by only a simple mistake) - fixed
- Each class now contains a pointer to it's widget. 
  Please use this pointer to modify the widget, method inheritance is not
  (easily) possible with libglade--.

Thanks to all the people reporting a missing WidgetMap.hh, I have been
on holiday for three weeks ... so I couldnīt respond nor fix it.


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