ANNOUNCE gedit 0.7.9 release

gedit 0.7.9 is now available.

gedit is a light text editor for the Gnome desktop.

Download at :

RPM's at :

    New Features & Improvements

	* Pipes ( Roberto )
		- gedit now accepts pipes so it can be used in
		several new ways.  i.e. "ls | gedit"

    	* Printing ( Chema )
		- Ability to print a range of pages
		- Word-wrapping
		- Printing orientation is now configurable
		- Printing now replaces <tab>'s with a set of spaces
		- Added Postcritp comments to navigate postcript output
		from gedit ( i.e. in gv )
	* Undo ( Chema )
		- Faster undo, does not scroll
		- Added undo levels, configurable to unlimited.
		- Undo now works with words and not characters.
	* Search ( Chema )
		- Rewrote search functions with nice speed gain:
		- count lines
		- goto line
		- find
		- find again
		- replace

	* Artwork  ( Steve )
		New icon and logo by Steve Hall
		<> thanks Steve we love it !
	* Documentation ( Dan )
		New user documentation.  Thanks to Dan White
		<> for providing us with a nice
		user manual.

	* Translations 
		- New catalan translation 
		- Updated Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Galician, Dutch,
	          Lithuanian, Russian, Turkish, Hungarian, Spanish and French
	* Memleaks  ( Jason and Chema )

		- Major memory leaks fixed.

	* Bug Fixes ( Jason and Chema )
		- Many, many bugs where fixed
		- Compilation fixes ( Jason )

Feedback Wanted

	* If you are a user of a pre-0.7.0 version, we'd like to hear
          from you about how we are doing.  Visit
 to find out how to
          reach us on IRC or by e-mail, we'd like to know if you are
          still experiencing crashes, poor memory usage, or still are
          wishing for a few features.

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