ANNOUNCE: CodeCommander v0.8

General Information:
CodeCommander is a minimal programming IDE that can be used for many
different programming languages, including: C/C++, Perl, PHP, z80
assembly, Manpages, etc.
The purpose of this project is to make things easy on the programmer, so
if you find something that could use some work, let me know!

 * Options for saving/restoring window geometry settings.
 * Edit toolbar separated from file operations toolbar.
 * Added a build toolbar.
 * Added a Find toolbar (an entry and a button)
 * Added View menu and options for hidding toolbars (and the status bar as well)
 * New "Open Multiple..." file selection. Stays open until the user explicitly kills it.
 * Converted documentation to html, and added gnome-help-browser stuff.
 * New 'GnomeSettings' widget for program settings.




ICQ: 14727618
Use CodeCommander for all of your GNOME coding needs.
./configure --prefix=/dev/mocha --enable-caffein --enable-double-shot

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