Evolution 0.1 is out.

Hello guys!

    A new developer's release of Evolution is now available.  The
    "Amoeba" release, as we call Evolution 0.1, is a great advance
    for us, and we've been watching it grow with great excitement.
    You can find more information about Evolution in the Evolution web
    page: http://www.helixcode.com/apps/evolution.php3

* Availability

	You can get the Evolution 0.1 tarball here:


	Evolution also requires a new version of GtkHTML (0.4):


	Evolution also requires the latest version of Bonobo (0.15):


	Evolution also requires the latest version of Gnome Print 0.20:


* Mailing lists

	You can subscribe to the Evolution developers list or the
	Evolution users list by going to the Evolution home page on

* Executive Summary of changes:

	In the Mail system:
        * vFolders: This unique, advanced feature allows users to save
          complex searches as though they were simple folders full of mail.
        * Evolution now allows the sending of plain-text mail
        * Filtering has been implemented
        * A bug that made the POP code not work with some servers has been fixed
        * SMTP works, and IMAP support is under way
        * Display and GUI improvements

        In the Addressbook: 
        * Contact Editor supports addition of arbitrary fields
        * Printing support implemented
        * Sorting and GUI improvements
        * LDAP work much further along
        * Custom category support implemented
        * CORBA interface now supports write protection on cards

        In the Calendar:
        * Recurring and single-time events handled gracefully
        * Alarms now supported
        * Time zone support fixed
        * Ranges now selectable by time column 
        * Event Editor works with Glade and GnomeApp

* Hacker view of the release:

	* Documentation

	  Aaron Weber's Evolution manual now ships with this version
	  of Evolution.

	* Mail system

	  Now it uses a single HTML display widget for the whole
	  message, which flickers much less and should simplify
	  printing of mail messages (Dan Winship)

	  vFolders have been implemented!  (Michael Zucchi)

	  Filtering has been hooked up to the interface (Zucchi-o).
	  Both regular filtering, as well as a filter interface to
	  construct your very own vFolders.  Yep.  You can make them.
	  Even I can.

	  Jeff Stedfast of Spruce fame has begun working at Helix
	  Code, and he has been working on the SMTP delivery system
	  (which works now, record time hacking) and the IMAP provider
	  (he is still working on this one).

	  The mail display looks just gorgeous.  Go check it yourself
	  (Dan, Larry Ewing).

	  New mail configuration dialog (Jeff)

	  We can now send text and html (before we could only send
	  html) (Dan, Larry).

	  Some keyboard navigation support. (Dan, Chris Lahey)

	  "Date" column in the message list (Dan, Chris)

	  Lots of bug fixes, lots of improvements.  Too detailed to
	  list :-)

	  Camel internal cleanup, expansion, and general loving from
	  Dan and Michael.  Btw, Michael is a man with one blue laptop.

	* Shell

	  We now have a tree view for the Evolution folders (Ettore).

	  Toggleability of tree view and shortcut views (Ettore).

	  New paned support (using Chris Lahey's widget above).

	  New look for displaying components (Ettore).

	* AddressBook improvements

	  Contact Editor now supports arbitrary fields to be added for
	  creating custom display forms and adding arbitrary fields to
	  the vCard object (Chris).

	  Printing of addressbooks has been implemented (Chris).

	  Double clicking on an empty spot creates a new contact
	  (Chris Lahey)

	  GUI touchups (Ettore, Miguel)

	  Alphabet tabs to jump to contacts by first letter (Chris)

	  Sorting is now case insensitive on the minicard display

	  Default startup mode for the addressbook in table mode is
	  simpler (Chris).

	  Further LDAP work (Chris Toshok).

	  Support categories (Chris)

	  CORBA interface now supports read-only and read-write cards.

	  (Btw, rumour is that Chris Lahey loves Model/View things
	  these days.)

	* Calendar Land

	  The EventEditor has been GnomeAppized (Federico).

	  Alarms are now supported (Federico).

	  Calendar should load and save events now (Federico).

	  Support for unrecurring events (Damon).

	  Now you can select a time range using the time column

	  Major bug in the time zone handling fixed (Federico).

	  Gladified the EventEditor (Seth, Federico)

	  New GNOME::Calendar::Repository interface

	* Widgets, widgets, widgets

	  New e-paned widget used as a pane that can be dragged from
	  any point instead of just from the handle.  Chris Lahey
	  worked on this one.  Ideas and code taken from the Gtk 1.4
	  widget.  This widget also makes the divison bar dissapear if
	  one of the paned widgets is hidden.

	  Federico imported a new EScrolledWindow that simplifies
	  border handling for some widgets.

	  We have now an auto-hook system for Glade dialogs (Federico)

	  Simple routines for adding images to our dialogs (Chris).

	  ETable got a lot of loving from Chris Lahey: new selection
	  modes; strikeout and bold display in e-cell-text; scrollbars
	  are shown and hidden as required; context sensitive menu on
	  headers; speed improvements; ETable automatically resizes

	  Maintenance and love to EShortcutBar (Damon, Ettore).

	* General Visual improvements

	  The tree display of folders now contains nice mini-icons from

	* Categories

	  We now have an Evolution global category editor (Chris).  It
	  not only kicks a lot of butt, but we have a few nice ideas
	  on how to make this beautiful.  We welcome contributions.

	* Compile features.

	  Spec file has been integrated into Evolution to let people
	  build RPMs.

The Evolution Team.

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