gb 0.0.12 released

Version 0.0.12 of gb is out.

* Notes

	Gnome Basic is by no means ready for mass consumption, this
package is extremel unstable, and may transmute randomly with no
warning into a pile of herring.

	Gnome Basic currently supports most of the standard operators,
many of the functions, the bulk of the file IO statements, and some
of the form functionality provided by VB. It currently does not
support VB classes files although the infastructure is mostly in place.
More importantly Gnome Basic runs a nice little number game.

	Bug reports are only appreciated for parser errors, ie. if
you are interested in development please send either patches, or
fragments of test code. We are well aware that there are many things
remaining unimplemented.

	Since I am building up quite a fine collection of horribly
uninformed hate mail on this subject, it would be good if people could
CC the gb mailing list so we can all share the fun.

* Availability

* Thanks

	Many people have contributed to this project so far,
particularly Jody Goldberg who wrote the initial parser code. Much of
the recent coding has been done by Ravi Pratap who churns out parser
and file code, whilst Frank Chiulli has been taming the evilness of
Forms. Many other people have contributed to gb, and all contributions
are gratefully received.

* More information

	See the website at

--  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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