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  • screen reader 2, camminando
  • screen reader, camminando
  • GSOC for A11y, Bryen
  • Vinux 1.4 Released!, Anthony Sales
  • Fwd: Presentation wanted about accessibility on Linux, Willie Walker
  • Meeting Reminder TODAY at 20:00 UTC, Bryen
  • Fwd: [Usability] The sticky and slow keys dialogs, Calum Benson
  • Announce: Dasher 4.10.0 released, Patrick Welche
  • Announce: mousetweaks 2.26.0, Francesco Fumanti
  • Announce: GOK 2.26.0, Gerd Kohlberger
  • ANNOUNCE: atk 1.26.0, Li Yuan
  • Which project contains the Mouse Keys source code?, Steven Edwards
  • ANNOUNCE: at-spi 1.26.0, Li Yuan
  • Accerciser 1.6.0: Fourth stable release ever., Eitan Isaacson
  • Dasher 4.10.0rc1, Patrick Welche
  • Fwd: Working on GNOME Accessibility Projects in Software Design, Stormy Peters
  • Speech-dispatcher/orca integration specification, first draft., Luke Yelavich
  • Meeting at 02:00 UTC, Bryen
  • Fwd: [Fwd: Please Review: HFOSS Proposal Document], Stormy Peters
  • [Fwd: Re: Compiz + A11y Discussion], Bryen
  • Help needed with an a11y related Cheese bug, Filippo Argiolas
  • Compiz + A11y Discussion, Bryen
  • Re: fedora 10 live cd, Shaun McCance
  • Re: WebKit a11y hack fest?, Willie Walker
  • Announce: mousetweaks 2.25.92, Francesco Fumanti
  • Re: HFOSS Visual Audio, Vincent Untz
  • HFOSS Proposal: Dots, Eitan Isaacson

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