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Thanks for your support, Stormy!


On Mar 9, 2009, at 9:18 AM, Stormy Peters wrote:

Trishan also mentioned that there was a chance we could get 3 interns ...

All the interns have applied (and they got a good turn out.) Now they are selecting which interns will be accepted. Also, they seemed to think that some of the students might have some programming experience, which would be good.

Thank you!


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Hi Stormy,

These look excellent.  Very detailed and clear.  Trishan and I will add a summary of these projects to our Summer 2009 web site ( and keep you posted on our selection process. 

It was a pleasure to meet you in person on Wednesday.  Too bad we didn't get a chance to chat more one-on-one during the day.  I did get a chance to talk some more with Leslie and Cat from Google and they seem eager to work with HFOSS as we try to grow the community.  So we owe you a big thank you for helping us get them involved in the Symposium.  Everyone I've spoken to thought the symposium was exciting and energizing.  They really liked the fact that we were able to bring together academics and FOSS industry representatives.  So we have high hopes as we start planning for the next round of NSF funding.  Hopefully we can get you involved in that process, if you're interested. 

Trishan put up a media page with photos, videos, audios of the symposium:   Is there some way that we can add a link to your Twitter channel???

-- ralph

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