Re: [Gimp-user] Error.

You know, I used to think abut that, like letting the computer rest.
That's very funny. But other than replacing the hard drive or the
operating system, which you probably couldn't do either by yourself,
here's what you really need to consider.
I wish I had thought of it earlier.
On Windows Vista you can use the restore feature to return it to an
earlier version
of the computer's setup. Preferably before whatever software changes
occurred to make Gimp run badly, or even perhaps before you ever
installed Gimp.
However, remember, this feature will totally wipe any changes made to
your computer back to the point you choose, so any files, images,
contacts, bookmarks etc you wish to save you will have to extract and
burn to a disk, ie get off the machine, before you do this process,
because it's likely they won't be there anymore.
Here's a web page about using it, and i'd research it more if I were you:

The other thing, is that I believe that the restore function does by
itself set up points to return the system to, even if you have never
initiated it and established such points yourself. But I am not sure
about that, I only used restore in Win 7. So you'll have to see what
possibilities, time periods or points, it offers you to travel back
to. And remember, I believe this will delete any installed security
patches for Vista as well, so you will have to reinstall those again,
though I have the feeling you may have not been doing that faithfully
unless it's set on automatic.
Don't you have a friend or a local shop that you could affordably (or
for free) take it to?
It sure would make it easier for you.

On 11/4/12, Sleepingbeautiie <forums gimpusers com> wrote:
On 04.11.2012 03:00, Sleepingbeautiie wrote:

I have no idea... and running out of memory? ._____." That's... a bad
thing, isn't it?

I'm not working on any images - I haven't been able to access GIMP
for three, four days, now, so...

Patterns might be another cause for this problem. Fonts, too.

I mean, I'll try and follow what
Steve said, but.. then again I might just save my brushes into a
folder and then revert back to 2.6 to see if that works.

You should move any brushes that didn't come with GIMP itself.
If you've done this already, did anything change?

Note that blindly (re-)installing any version of GIMP won't solve the
problem if anything you have added is causing this.

Well, yeah, I have moved all brushes that never came with gimp into an
entirely diff. folder, so... I mean, what do you think? Would it work if,
say, I uninstalled GIMP entirely, waited about a month or two (I can cope)
and then try again?

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