Re: [Gimp-user] Error.

Seeing how you said it was running fine for a while...
how full is your hard drive?
I did a google search on "gmem.c errors",
and it would seem a lot of them had to do with high
memory intensive operations being performed.
Here is one specific to gimp:

and if you scroll to the bottom you see where they talk about
the amount of memory/cap allocated to gimp or system etc.

Here's one on the inflation of memory need in inkscape:

But I was thinking if your disk is pretty near full maybe
there isn't enough room to create the swap space needed
or preset by your settings to start up gimp?
Just a thought.

On 11/2/12, Sleepingbeautiie <forums gimpusers com> wrote:
Sleepingbeautiie - forums gimpusers com wrote:
On Thu, 01 Nov 2012 17:14:27 +0100, Sleepingbeautiie wrote:

And, yeah - that stuff's basically gone away since I've re-installed
it again, but now it says it has to do something with the GIMP
shortcut in my "bin" folder, so I thought 'Oh, okay...' and clicked on
the GIMP 2.8 icon for it to load from there.. but it gave me the same
error, the one that I just mentioned, and it always has something to
do with "terminating in an unusual way", 'thanks' to Runtime. I'm
looking through all my folders now, but there doesn't seem to be a

Is your Windows set to use 16-bit colour mode? There's a known problem
GTK+ if that's the case - change Windows to 32-bit colours.

How do you do that? I mean, do I go to control panel? I really don't
know what the problem is, but if it helps I use Windows Vista/desktop.

Yes; from Windows Vista Control Panel:
- from default view: "Adjust screen resolution" (under the "Appearance
and Personalization" section) or
- from classic view: "Personalization" then "Display Settings"

Either will bring up the "Display Settings" where you can set the colour
depth from the drop-down under "Colors". If you have multiple monitors,
you might need to set it separately for each one.

After click "Apply" or "OK" to apply changes, you'll need to click "Yes"
before the timer expired when prompted for whether to keep the new
settings. If that seems a bit odd, there is a sensible reason - changing
display settings incorrectly can prevent anything from being displayed
at all, making it difficult to change them back, so if the screen does
go blank or scrambled you just need to wait 15 seconds for the timer to
expire and it should go back to how it was before.


All right, thanks, I'll try that when I get the time; if it doesn't work,
I'll come back and see if there's any other kinda solution.

It didn't work. The first message I'm always receiving now is
"(gimp-2.8.exe:2408):GLiB-ERROR**: gmem.c: 165: failed to allocate 17660160
bytes", and THEN it does the whole "Windows Visual C++ Library" thing. Any

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