Re: [Gimp-user] Error.

On 11/04/2012 10:52 AM, Sleepingbeautiie wrote:

...And how did all this shift into Unbuntu, whatever it is?...

It looks like your problem is something wrong with MS Vista more
than with the GIMP.  I made a remark to the effect that the "right"
way to fix that is to install "an operating system that works" and
Ubuntu is an example of that.  The Cinnamon version of Mint is more
so, lately.  Both are free to download and install.

/Anyways/, re-downloading 2.6 didn't help, and I got the same error message as before. 

Reinstalling the previous version of the GIMP really should have
worked, and since it did not, this tends to rule out a bug in the
newer version as the source of the problem.  This looks like the
operating system, not the GIMP that's causing the problem.

There are too many tings that could be going wrong, for us to make
any more useful suggestions about how to get the GIMP running on
your system.

Should I just wait for updates for 2.8., or? Because this is the only computer system I actually have, and 
I can't just roll off and buy PS, since that costs like craploads of money (for me), so... Gimp's the best 
I have :/ And if I'm not able to even edit my own sites anymore, then....  I'll wait til the problem's 
solved, I suppose. 

There is no reason to believe that the next version of the GIMP will
work for you, until the computer itself has been repaired.

And to tell the truth, I know that people usually don't insert this into their problems here, but I'm just 
really confused and a little frustrated with all the suggestions, I can only process so much. Not trying to 
be mean or anything, just... frustrated. One said that Gimp's memory is failing, and another said I could 
try a re-load 2.6., which I did, but failed. Might just be the computer, or Gimp itself. Not sure, so... 
might not reply to this discussion for a bit :/

Fixes that involve installing an operating system are normal for
some of us, but if you don't have the experience to do that it's not
a practical answer.  Since you seem to really need an image editor,
the best thing I can suggest at this point is to start looking for
an honest repair shop.



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