Re: [Gimp-user] Error.

On 11/03/2012 10:31 AM, Daniel Smith wrote:
Seeing how you said it was running fine for a while...
how full is your hard drive?
I did a google search on "gmem.c errors",
and it would seem a lot of them had to do with high
memory intensive operations being performed.
Here is one specific to gimp:

and if you scroll to the bottom you see where they talk about
the amount of memory/cap allocated to gimp or system etc.

Here's one on the inflation of memory need in inkscape:

But I was thinking if your disk is pretty near full maybe
there isn't enough room to create the swap space needed
or preset by your settings to start up gimp?
Just a thought.

Low available memory and swap space can cause problems but in my
experience they don't show up until working on large images.  The
GIMP slows way down while you are working and may eventually hang or
crash.  In these cases it is helpful to open the undo history dialog
and periodically clear the undo cache.  It is also helpful to pay
attention to the content of layers in large images that have
multiple layers, and crop (not mask) layers to include only the
'visible' parts when/as it is practical to do so. Needless to say,
save as .xcf early and often.

But the problem at hand does not seem to be related to this -
especially since Microsoft's specification for a "Vista Ready"
machine includes way more than enough memory and hard drive speed to
enable GTK+ and the GIMP to operate normally under a heavy load.

If I had to troubleshoot this, I would start by uninstalling the
GIMP, and looking for a stand-alone GTK+ installation and/or any
other programs that may have included GTK+ in their installer
package, and remove those as well.

I would run a "registry cleaner" like Wise or something similar,
delete all orphaned keys, then start regedit and search for "GIMP"
and "GTK" just to make sure all the bits and pieces are gone.  If
any are found, I would delete all these keys manually then restart
the machine.  Then I would download the current stable version of
the GIMP from Sourceforge, install it normally, cross my fingers,
and try starting it up.

All of the above, because from what we have been told so far, it
sounds like a corrupted or incompatible version of GTK might be on
board, and/or keys left over in the registry from previous
installation of God-knows what might be pointing to missing or
incorrect resources.

If all else fails, I would try the previous version of the GIMP,
2.6.  The latest & greatest version is still new-ish and it is
likely that a few obscure bugs are still lurking here and there -
probably not the kind of show stoppers reported here, but ya never
know.  The first Windows version of GIMP 2.8 at Sourceforge came out
five months ago, and the current stable version less than one month ago.



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