Re: [Gimp-user] Error.

Wow, thanks to both (all) of you!
I'll have to taste the mint, so to speak.
I was running Ubuntu 11 till my latest machinicide.
I thought though when I installed it that Linux has come
incredibly far in ease of use since when I used to use it
back in the old Red Hat 4, 7 etc command line startup days.
Of course, I just did it with an ubuntu cd I bought off of ebay for 4 bucks.
So no size worries for me.
But I did notice when I was searching that error above, or different
combinations of its terms included, that it seemed cross-OS, that
different #s (gmem.c: 165, 135, etc)  of it occurred in various linux
and windows versions that people had reported bugs or complained of.
Except for, notably, on Macs. Don't know fer sure about that though.
On second search through it seemed a lot had to do with corrupted
or unmanageably large conversion files etc. crashing memory.
This is a very similar error:

On 11/4/12, Olivier <olecarme gmail com> wrote:
2012/11/4 Steve Kinney <admin pilobilus net>

Ubuntu 10 has worked great for me but alas, Canonical has gone the
way of the "dedicated touchscreen interface".  I will be bailing out
when the version I am using reaches "end of life" next year.  Can't
sit a very computer illiterate user in front of the "Unity" desktop,
and expect them to figure it out and use it without problems.  Can't
expect me to toss 20 years of reasonably efficient workflow habits
out the window either...

You don't need to do that. Using Ubuntu 12.04 with the look and feel of
Ubuntu 10.04 is rather easy. Of course, it needs a little work, but nothing
complicated. I'm using that on all my computers and on all the computers I
manage. The major visible differences is that I cannot use any more the
theme I liked (but probably still a little more work probably would do
that, if it was so important), and the System global menu is now hidden in
the Applications menu.

I did not yet try version 12.10, and Ubuntu Gnome Remix 12.10 seems
promising, but it uses Gnome 3, which some people consider as much
offending as Unity...

I have been very impressed with Mint - the other day I had occasion
to use the Live DVD in conjunction with a printer/scanner on a
random PC on a random office LAN, and the thing "just worked" all

Mint is very pleasant and refreshing indeed, and I'll shift to it if
combining Ubuntu 12.10 with Gnome 2 is impossible.

Running an OS that works for not against the user is a very
addictive thing.  Token on-topic reference:  The GIMP was the first
major gateway drug that started me down the path to a 100% Free
Software world.  Ubuntu stopped including the GIMP in its default
installation package, and that's another strike against Canonical...
sure it's stupidly easy to install, but dang it, GNU/Linux is
supposed to include the GIMP right out of the box, is all!


The only problem, in my opinion, is that Ubuntu still insists on fitting on
a CD instead of a DVD, for reasons I don't know.

Olivier Lecarme

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