Re: [Gimp-user] Error.

Olivier <olecarme gmail com> writes:

2012/11/4 Steve Kinney <admin pilobilus net>


    Running an OS that works for not against the user is a very
    addictive thing.  Token on-topic reference:  The GIMP was the
    major gateway drug that started me down the path to a 100% Free
    Software world.  Ubuntu stopped including the GIMP in its default
    installation package, and that's another strike against
    sure it's stupidly easy to install, but dang it, GNU/Linux is
    supposed to include the GIMP right out of the box, is all!

The only problem, in my opinion, is that Ubuntu still insists on
fitting on a CD instead of a DVD, for reasons I don't know. 

off-topic, but
(last part) gives one very good reason.

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