Re: [Gimp-developer] Save/export, option to go back to old behaviour

On 16/11/12 15:46, Alexia Death wrote:
> the second usecase is not a usecase for GIMP.[....]
> You can use gimp for this, but do not expect it to
> be convenient. you are just using the wrong tool.
To me it seems you have lost any perspective whatsoever why people would
want to use GIMP - they do so because they know their way around the
tool, if it doesn't declare war on their workflow - which you are doing
by declaring it the "wrong tool" for small tasks. What makes you the
judge, jury and executioner in this case of "developer opinion" against
"user workflow"?
What if I want to add a layer with my watermark to every photo? That's
something most other programs can't handle properly - these photos only
exist for one purpose - to save them as JPEG to be uploaded into a web
presentation. Will I ever need these as XCF? Heck no, the original is
sufficient for me and the XCF is trivial but takes up too much space on
the disk (I have the added layer stored once as well as the original
photo, that's often enough).
If I am editing an image to my liking I usually need several sizes and
sometimes even aspect crops. Since sharpening is the last step in almost
all of my workflows I end up creating a master (saved as XCF) which I
don't want to mess up further. That master I open and scale and sharpen
as I like, save the result (err. export the result) and toss it to start
again - now it prompts me to create yet another XCF which I will never
ever need, I have a master copy - which I may in fact lose if I happen
to hit the save short cut because being in a hurry!
I could go on to describe additional uses where people that use GIMP
even for small mundane tasks which never ever will prompt the
requirement of using an XCF - people whose long loyalty to the GIMP you
are now testing to the limit by declaring war on their specific and very
valid use case.
For me this only means: I'm a book author for photography books and in
these I usually add some sort of recommendations on which tools on the
computer side would be worthwhile having around, my coauthor has up to
now recommended Adobe programs and I was sort of inclined to include
free alternatives like the GIMP. With GIMP 2.8 I have decided against
doing that because I cannot support your narrowed view which workflow is
worthwhile and which isn't...
Karl Günter Wünsch

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