Re: [Gimp-developer] Re : Feedback from an ordinary user

... sigh... Let me explain this again.

Difference between Save and Save As... and Export and Export As... is
only one - The latter ALWAYS prompts for a name, the former prompts
for name once if its a new file and not again, overwriting the file
previously saved or loaded silently. this is a long standing tradtion
in software. Save an Export separation itself is a result of moving
twoars separating destructive and nondestructive actions. Save is
"safe" and always keeps everthing you can see in GIMP UI - you can
continue editing from it. Export is always destructive. No other
format than XCF supports all gimp features.

This separation is not up for negotiation. There are workarounds in
form of scripts that re-enable the possibly destructive workflows.
Feel free to use them. The workflows will not be supported in vanilla


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