Re: [Gimp-developer] Save/export, option to go back to old behaviour

Matthew Miller (mattdm mattdm org) wrote:
> I also find the change frustrating for my workflow. I don't mind learning
> the export-instead-of-save command, but it's bad UI to always confirm on
> exit even after a file is saved -- and, for many actual real world user
> workflows, exported *is* saved for every practical purpose.

Well, there also are many actual real world user workflows, where the
export == save has resulted in loss of artwork. In its most trivial form
it is "help, I can no longer edit the text in my jpeg".

We have decided to focus on loss-prevention. We have discussed and
explained this ad nauseam.

So unless you come up with a real usability study within our target user
group that shows that they can't handle this change we won't change

              simon budig de    

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