Re: [Gimp-developer] Save/export, option to go back to old behaviour

Hi Alexandre,

On 11/16/2012 12:54 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 2:45 PM, Alberto Mardegan wrote:
>>   I'm not here to reignite the discussion about the new save/export
>> behaviour, don't worry. :-)
> and
>> So, given the inconcialiability of the opinions in the same UI, I
>> propose to have an option in the preferences dialog to go back to the
>> old behaviour (with the 2.8 behaviour as default).
> are mutually exclusive statements :)

No, they aren't: I'm not proposing to remove or change the current
behaviour. I'm proposing to add a configuration option (I don't care how
hard it is to find) to re-enable the old behaviour.
So, it's an addition that doesn't collide with the UI decisions already

> We have discussed it in the future and decided against it.

Did you actually discuss the same thing that I'm proposing, that is the
*addition of a feature*?
I really hope we can solve this upstream; otherwise I'll have to create
a variant of GIMP and publish it into an Ubuntu PPA, which will be
rather sad because it will be a feature accessible only by those using
Ubuntu (I certainly don't have the energy to create a proper fork and
maintain it).
At least you will agree with me that this would be a very poor solution.


-- <- geek in un lingua international!

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