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  • [gedit-list] ViGedit plugin v.5, Trond Danielsen
  • [gedit-list] New Plugin: ViGedit, Trond Danielsen
  • [gedit-list] ability to open several files from file-open dialog rocks, Tshepang Lekhonkhobe
  • [gedit-list] Plugin: Open With, Markus Jonsson
  • [gedit-list] GtkSourceView branched for 2.16, Paolo Maggi
  • [gedit-list] GtkSourceView 1.8.2 released, Paolo Maggi
  • [gedit-list] New plugin: Show in file manager, Markus Jonsson
  • [gedit-list] vi(m) keybindings in gedit, Trond Danielsen
  • [gedit-list] Offtopic [embedded widgets], chuchi
  • Re: [gedit-list] resurrecting ctags plugin, Frederic Back
  • [gedit-list] A problem with the LaTeX Plugin ..., Petar Milin
  • Re: [gedit-list] Snapopen plugin update 1.1.2, Warlock-G
  • [gedit-list] Syntax highlighting and mime types (was: Documentation for syntax highlighting files?), Colin Brace
  • [gedit-list] gedit wants enchant (Was: Re: GEdit wants enchant), Paolo Maggi
  • [gedit-list] copy+paste and then printing: strange characters are added in FC6/FC5 (does this happen in other distros?), Mark Ryden
  • [gedit-list] gedit 2.17.1, Paolo Borelli
  • [gedit-list] gedit needs a better way to handle plugin keybindings, Mikael Hermansson
  • Re: [gedit-list] snapopen plugin, Mads Buus Jensen
  • Re: [gedit-list] Snapopen plugin updated with filebrowser support, Warlock-G
  • [gedit-list] love gedit and the color feature - How do I contribute?, Christopher Stevens

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