[gedit-list] copy+paste and then printing: strange characters are added in FC6/FC5 (does this happen in other distros?)


I had reported in this mailing list about an annoying BUG when
copy+paste and then printing with gedit: see
The problem is , as can be seen there, that characters are added
in the beginning of lines when printing.
(It can be quotes  character (") or squares characters).

I had this with Fedora Core 5/x86_64 and also with
Fedora Core 6/x86_64. I did not have this with Fedora Core 4.

I want to ask here : does anybody have this kind of problems
when working with Debian ?

I am thinking seriously for a long time to try to move from Fedora
Core to Debian
stable (3.1_r4). And this problem is the last straw which drives
me to try Debian (in case this problem indeed does not exist with Debian).

So - did anyone have such a problem when using Debian ? what about other
distros ?


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