Re: [Evolution] Reply for list messages should go back to the list

On Wed, 2010-07-14 at 18:34 +0100, David Woodhouse wrote:
                Personal Reply          Non-Munged List
Munged List w/o Option  Munged List with Option
Ctrl-R          to RT                   to RT                   to
RT                   to SA
Ctrl-L          to RT+CC                to LP                   to
LP                   to LP
Shift-Ctrl-R    to RT+CC                to LP+CC                to
RT+CC                to LP+CC

Does that fit with what you're thinking? I'm ignoring nag screens,
toolbar changes etc. for now. 

Where 'to RT' of course means 'to RT if it exists, else SA'.

And 'to LP' means 'to LP if it exists, else to RT+CC'.(which in turn
means 'SA+CC' if there are no LP or RT headers, of course)

Naturally. I'm assuming "use the Reply-To header" has its usual meaning,
i.e. use it if it exists, otherwise use the From: address, and so on.

All that is what I have implemented, *except* that there should be no
'LP+CC' in the Shift-Ctrl-R row. It's 'RT+CC' for the first three
columns, and 'SA+CC' in the fourth where it ignores the Reply-To:

Makes sense. My head started to spin a little when creating the
table :-)

But really, I don't *want* to see a table like this. The behaviour
should be *consistent* across all the columns, or we're just making
things more confusing and making errors more *likely*.

The table is just between ourselves so we know we're on the same page.
If by consistent you mean identical, I don't see how that's possible.
The meaning of the various commands necessarily changes according to
context. I agree this should be minimized, but I doubt it can be

What we have
right now is:

 Ctrl-R: Uses the Reply-To: header if valid, else the From: header.
 Ctrl-Shift-R: Uses the same as Ctrl-R, and adds the Cc: recipients.
 Ctrl-L: Uses the List-Post: header if valid, else same as

A List-Post: header is considered valid if it exists.

A Reply-To: header is considered valid if it exists, *unless* the
anti-munging option is set and there is a List-Post: header which
contains the same address.

How is that different from the table (with your amendments)?

If we just take that and add an option to add 'Reply to List' to the
toolbar instead of 'Reply to All', how does that work for you?

In addition to rather than instead of, to avoid mutable toolbars, but
that's more a matter of personal taste.


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