Re: [Evolution] Reply for list messages should go back to the list

On Wed, 2010-07-14 at 19:15 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:

OK, let's summarize (RT = Reply-To address, LP = List-Post address,
SA = Sender or From Address, CC = CC addresses):

            Personal Reply          Non-Munged List         Munged List w/o Option  Munged List with 
Ctrl-R              to RT                   to RT                   to RT                   to SA
Ctrl-L              to RT+CC                to LP                   to LP                   to LP
Shift-Ctrl-R        to RT+CC                to LP+CC                to RT+CC                to LP+CC

Does that fit with what you're thinking? I'm ignoring nag screens,
toolbar changes etc. for now.

This all far too complicated.  I thought the idea was to help people who
forget (and people who are unaware) - call them stupid or clueless if
you like - to reply to the list preferentially rather than to a personal
address.  The above options (if I understand them) do nothing to achieve
that - you *STILL* have to press ctrl-L to reply to the list.

That depends on whether or not you set the option David suggests. My
original proposal of forcing Ctrl-R to go to the list seemed a good idea
at the time but I'm persuaded that a default that would make replies
unintentionally public is worse than the current situation of making
them unintentionally private.

I think this discussion is not going anywhere near achieving what I
thought the aim was.  

The aim has expanded a bit. We now consider doing something sensible
with Ctrl-L when there are no list headers, plus being able to send a
private reply even when the Reply-To field has been altered by
list-management software.

I vote that we forget about the whole thing and just put a Reply-to-list
button on the tool bar.

That's fine and should persuade more people to use Reply To List when
appropriate (I wouldn't like to see it come and go, but greyed out when
not applicable).


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