Re: [Evolution] Reply for list messages should go back to the list

OK, let's summarize (RT = Reply-To address, LP = List-Post address,
SA = Sender or From Address, CC = CC addresses):

              Personal Reply          Non-Munged List         Munged List w/o Option  Munged List with 
Ctrl-R                to RT                   to RT                   to RT                   to SA
Ctrl-L                to RT+CC                to LP                   to LP                   to LP
Shift-Ctrl-R  to RT+CC                to LP+CC                to RT+CC                to LP+CC

Does that fit with what you're thinking? I'm ignoring nag screens,
toolbar changes etc. for now.

This all far too complicated.  I thought the idea was to help people who
forget (and people who are unaware) - call them stupid or clueless if
you like - to reply to the list preferentially rather than to a personal
address.  The above options (if I understand them) do nothing to achieve
that - you *STILL* have to press ctrl-L to reply to the list.

I think this discussion is not going anywhere near achieving what I
thought the aim was.  

I vote that we forget about the whole thing and just put a Reply-to-list
button on the tool bar.


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