Re: Possible plan [Was: No Flags "Policy"]

<quote who="Damon Chaplin">

> I had an idea of how distributors could cope with this.
>  1) Keep one package of all unoffensive flags, and make separate
>     packages for flags which are problematic (i.e. Taiwan).
>  2) In the installation process, check if the locale is China and if so
>     don't install the Taiwan flag package.
> That seems fairly easy to do. Problem solved :)

Again, it's all or nothing. You can't take a few "offensive" flags out and
not expect to be flamed to high heaven by the people who stand by those
symbols. If there is to be a package of flags, it should be *every* flag,
and up to distributors / us as to whether they're shipped or not.

The solutions raised that make sense include a flag icon theme component,
localising icons, and a couple of others. Some may be overkill. But we can't
be halfarsed about it.

- Jeff

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