Re: No Flags "Policy"

"Sergey V. Oudaltsov" <sergey oudaltsov clients ie> написа:

> So my statement was: if flags can be used for distinguishing within
> given set of layouts - this is the best (from usability POV) way. If
> they cannot (for any reason) - we still have labels in place. That is
> why I fought this war. But I lost it. Politics is stronger than me:(

Sergey, how about looking for layout *icons* in a preassigned
location.  Simply forget about the term "flags" and go with the
icons. If most of the people choose to use flags as their icons, so
be it.

Eg. check $dataprefix/pixmaps/gswitchit/<layout>.png. If it's
available, then use that for layout <layout>, if it's not, just
display the text label.

This means that there is a choice. And if someone cares, she can
install the latest gswitchit-flowers-and-bees.tar.gz which will
put flowers and bees on the corresponding places. Oh sure, someone
might even provide some gswitchit-flags.tar.gz which will put flags
in there, but that's not a really interesting one, is it? ;-)

This has a benefit of not imposing any configuration UI (apart from
"install this package"), and providing a lot of configuration options
for highly motivated, or a bit skilled users (I want a bee for that
freaking language :).


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