Re: No Flags "Policy"

> There are many examples of flags that are unsuitable: take New Zealand, two
> languages (with almost, but not quite, the same character set) and one flag.
> This flag is also nearly impossible to distinguish from the Australian one
Just checked: neither NewZelandish nor Australian layouts are present

> In the interests of full disclosure I should note that I don't think
> anyone has standardised a Maori keyboard layout. But it will happen at
> some point. There is also a Maori flag, but that one is politically
> loaded.
Sorry, I do not know the story about Maori-related politics. In general,
I am very politically-blind person (got a good deal of vaccine against
ANY political interests while living in the Soviet Union).

I perfectly realize there are situations where flags do not match to the
country. Or even if they do - it does not help either (there are several
layouts per country). But these situation (from my analysis of xfree86.
xml) are minority. Rather small minority. And, after all, we are giving
people some choice. And moreover -the default behavior of the indicator
is to use labels (for the politics sake). But if user WANTs to see flags
- I am(was) going to provide this ability. And now, when core GNOME
people decided to ban flags - this feature is not going to be there any
more. Unless they explicitly come to the conclusion that flags are good
for us:) 

So my statement was: if flags can be used for distinguishing within
given set of layouts - this is the best (from usability POV) way. If
they cannot (for any reason) - we still have labels in place. That is
why I fought this war. But I lost it. Politics is stronger than me:(


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