Possible plan [Was: No Flags "Policy"]

<quote who="Danilo Segan">

> This has a benefit of not imposing any configuration UI (apart from
> "install this package"), and providing a lot of configuration options
> for highly motivated, or a bit skilled users (I want a bee for that
> freaking language :).

... or distributors, should they choose to create localised versions or
provide their own icons/flags, etc. This is a good solution.

The proper way to do this, of course, is through gnome-icon-theme, and that
is what kicked all of this off again (flags going into g-i-t). If the flags
were removed, but we had a standard naming convention for representing
countries/regions as icons, this may work. It's still a field of landmines,
but hey, we get to avoid most of the trauma. ;-)

So... possible plan:

  * Figure out country/region/language representation requirements for
    icon theme, with standard names.

  * Remove flags from gnome-icon-theme.

  * Create flags icon package or something, I'm sure someone will be
    inspired by my apparently weak political knees to do this. ;-) (Although
    I must admit, I don't really grok how a 'vertical' icon theme would be

  * Happily ship GNOME, happily provide tarballs of flag icons, happily
    allow distributors to make up their own minds.

- Jeff

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