Re: No Flags "Policy"

> Jeff, this is not true IMHO. I cannot imagine better (from usability POV) 
> indication for the current keyboard layout (I know, it works for only 90% 
> layouts). Probably I am not creative enough. Can you offer something 
> better? Reading abbrevations is not good - user has to CONCENTRATE AND READ.
> Sergey

There are many examples of flags that are unsuitable: take New Zealand, two
languages (with almost, but not quite, the same character set) and one flag.
This flag is also nearly impossible to distinguish from the Australian one
when it is 32 pixels high. How's that for a usability problem ? Abbreviations
may not be easy to distinguish based on colour, but they can be made unique
and the letter shapes may be enough for a quick glance, especially when there
are only a couple of possibilities for what it will be set to for any
given person.

In the interests of full disclosure I should note that I don't think
anyone has standardised a Maori keyboard layout. But it will happen at
some point. There is also a Maori flag, but that one is politically

 - Callum

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