Re: I'm new to balsa and can't get it to work ...

At long last, I finally got my Aureal Vortex sound card working (it
wasn't that hard when I finally got down to it). In exploring RH7.2's
multi-media stuff, I came across sound configuration. There I found a
list of Sound Events.

My delight at going down the list of sounds, hearing stuff that's been
there all along that I've never heard before, was rudely interrupted
when I came to the balsa/newmail.wav sound.

I don't need this kind of junk.

With all of the problems I've been having because Balsa isn't similar to
Eudora like it says it is, this was the last straw. I've removed Balsa
from my system and after this message is posted will unsubscribe from
the list.




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