I'm new to balsa and can't get it to work ...


I'm a long time unix user/admin and am currently using RH7.2 at home.
I received email at UT's mail machine, which I access via POP.
My current mail program here at home is Netscape, which I'd like to
I have a Mac at the university and use Eudora on it.

My wife is using Win3.11 and Eudora. I'm trying to get her on Linux
and need to get an email client she can use. Enter balsa, alledged to
be patterned after Eudora.

I've finally gotten balsa to where it can send email (the :25 after the
Remote SMTP Server is vitally necessary), but I can't get it to check
my mail box. I have debug enabled and get a Balsa Information window
that says, "POP3 mailbox UT accessing error: Authentication failed."

I looked at the archived posts from this mail list but found nothing
that seemed to help.

In the Balsa Preferences (which do not look like what the Help file says
they should -- they're missing Identity, Signature, and Print) I have
set up a Remote Mailbox of type POP3 and have checked "Enable check for
new mail". Checking or unchecking "Use APOP Authentication" makes no

Does anyone have any suggestions?

On a different subject, I inferred from reading the archives that POP
mail boxes are handled as one large text file. How does this compare
with Eudora's handling (Eudora appears to download individual messages,
appending them to its Inbox file)?

On yet a different subject, there were some comments in the archives
lost (disappearing) email. Is this a problem? I have a LOT of email
saved up on my machine (du -sh ~/nsmail gives 74 MB). Might there be a
problem with losing some of it with balsa?



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