Re: I'm new to balsa and can't get it to work ...

On 2002.03.25 01:28:21 +0000 Craig McCluskey wrote:

> In the Balsa Preferences (which do not look like what the Help file says
> they should -- they're missing Identity, Signature, and Print) I have
> set up a Remote Mailbox of type POP3 and have checked "Enable check for
> new mail". Checking or unchecking "Use APOP Authentication" makes no
> difference.

odd, that would be my sugestion. do you know what type of auth the server
expects ? is the server reachable from the internet ?

> On a different subject, I inferred from reading the archives that POP
> mail boxes are handled as one large text file. How does this compare
> with Eudora's handling (Eudora appears to download individual messages,
> appending them to its Inbox file)?

That's how balsa does it (1 by 1), indeed it's the only way to do pop.
In context I think that means pop is not imap :)

> On yet a different subject, there were some comments in the archives
> about
> lost (disappearing) email. Is this a problem? I have a LOT of email
> saved up on my machine (du -sh ~/nsmail gives 74 MB). Might there be a
> problem with losing some of it with balsa?

I never lost email with a balsa release. In fact, I use the bleeding edge
(cvs) daily and don't remember the last time i had that kind of problem.
Lost email in the cases I remember tends to be linked to full disks, dumb
nfs servers, bad kernels and the like. Of course, when that situations
turn into lost data balsa usually shares part of the blame mostly for
not being smart enough to evaluate all possible error conditions.
In short, I'd say balsa isn't considerably worse than any other MUA on
this extreme situations.
Of course, as the license goes, use this program at your own risk. All
we can say is we give our best.

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