Re: I'm new to balsa and can't get it to work ...

On Wed, Mar 27, 2002 at 11:13:36PM -0600, Craig McCluskey wrote:
> Carlos Morgado wrote:
> > 
> > > Checking or unchecking "Use APOP Authentication" makes no
> > > difference.
> > >
> > odd, that would be my sugestion. do you know what type of auth the server
> > expects ? is the server reachable from the internet ?
> With the new version and APOP Authentication UNchecked, it works.

hum. ok, so this is probably another problem altogether, not pop related.
similar problems have been reported by a couple of people (ali?) and
it's pop related. iirc the simptoms are a deadlock after the messages have
been retrieved.

> In playing around with Balsa, however, I ran across some other things
> that don't work or work strangely.
> For example, right after I started it, I highlighted a message in the
> Inbox and clicked on the Trash/Delete button. The message disappeared
> from the Inbox window and appeared in the Trash window. I selected
> another message and repeated the same action with the same results.
> Later, I repeated the same action with another message. This time the
> message had a Trash can symbol added under the "S" column but remained
> in the Inbox window. So which action is correct?
if you changed the 'deleting messages' setting under Misc yes. other no

> > > I have a LOT of email saved up on my machine (du -sh ~/nsmail gives 74 MB).
> With that in mind, and seeing a note (on the website, I think) I made a
> new directory in my mail directory and made another new directory in
> that. Upon restarting Balsa, the new directories were indeed there.
> The next task was putting something in the new directories. Pulling down
> "File" to "New" gives three choices of types of mailboxes. Which one is
> correct? Selecting one, getting the pop-up window, typing the name of
> the new mailbox in the "Mailbox Name" place, clicking on the little
> button next to
> "Mailbox Path" and selecting a directory in which to place the new
> mailbox brings up the "Add" button. Clicking on the "Add" button brings
> up a Balsa Information window that says,
> "Mailbox <name of directory selected> does not appear to be an <type of
> mailbox> mailbox."
> So what's wrong?

you're using an already existing directory right ? MH and maildir have
particular formats (actually, stuff that's supposed to be in the
directory) and if balsa doesn't recognize the existing directory
as a mh/maildir directory it will give you that message. same thing if you
try to add a mbox pointing to a existing file that's not an mbox
i suppose what you want to do is creating a mbox
inside the directory you created right ?

> Not to worry, go to the help. Ahso, "Common Tasks with Balsa" looks like
> the ticket. And indeed it is.
> There is a section about "Moving Messages". There it says,
> "There are several methods available for moving or copying messages from
> one mailbox to another. The first is via the Transfer context menu, and
> the second is using drag and drop. 
> "To transfer messages using the Transfer menu, simply select the
> messages you desire to move from one mailbox, then bring up the context
> menu and select the Transfer submenu. This will display a list of
> mailboxes similar to the mailbox list in the main window. The list can
> be scrolled and trees expanded and collapsed, although these changes
> will not be reflected in the main list. Selecting a mailbox will start
> the transfer."
> Ok, so where is the Transfer menu? Where is the context menu?

"context menu" is gnome speak for button-3 click. right-click (if
your mouse is on the right side :)) on a message or list of messages

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